support for parents - roles and responsibilities

The nurse

The role of the
nurse is to:

  • Identifying the diabetic student.
  • Presenting the intervention protocol to the parents.
  • Assessing the child’s health condition and determining the therapeutic nursing plan.
  • Opening a health file at the CLSC.
  • Filing the acceptance and authorization of the protocol in the special assistance file for the child.
  • Posting the list of children with diabetes in the appropriate places.
  • Raising awareness of diabetes issues among school staff and students.
  • Providing annual training and information, in collaboration with parents, to school staff who are in direct contact with the child.
  • Empowering those who accept responsibility for the student’s care.
  • Responding to a problematic situation and evaluating the situation reported by the person responsible for the care to be given and determine the interventions required.

For a complete list of roles and responsibilities, see the School-Based Intervention Protocol for Students with Type 1 Diabetes.

Role of the school nurse