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The season for unsticking stickers is around the corner

The nice weather is at our door.

The nice weather is at our door. The heat, sweat, swimming pool, sunscreen, everyone has been dreaming about it for months! Yet, this could become a nightmare for those who need to get a little sticker on their skin! For many parents, it is the return of unscheduled catheter changes on the beach… replacements of blood glucose sensors before the end of their lifespan and the famous: What to do when half of the POD is detached, but the cannula is still well inserted in the skin?

As a long-time nurse at Camp Carowanis, this is an issue I am quite familiar with. There, about 75% of the children wear a device stuck on their skin. In the nursing station, it’s a challenge every day to keep everything in place! Children playing in the water, sun, physical contact and, of course, sweat, none of this can scare us anymore! In fact, I have developed an expertise from seeing catheters that come unstuck! That’s why, today, I’m sharing with you some of my tips.

Well, yes. All it takes is a few products, a couple of tricks and you’re done. Life is good and we can enjoy summer.

Some items that will be mentioned in this section require a prescription or advice on use. Don’t hesitate to bring up the subject with your care team.

Les enfants adorent se coller des collants sur la peau !

Here are some basic tips:

1 - Clean and dry skin keeps the glue effective for a longer time

Carefully prepare the surface you will use for sticking. Clean your child’s skin with soap and water, this step allows the removal of the greasy film that prevents a good adhesion, but also to remove products that could remain on the skin (moisturizer, perfume, sunscreen, mosquito repellent…). These can cause skin reactions when left under the adhesive for a few days. Then, when the skin is really dry, you can disinfect it with an alcohol pad. The important thing when using alcohol is to air dry it well, because it is while it is dry that the product is effective. For many people with diabetes, these steps are just enough. If the adhesive holds well, I don’t necessarily recommend using lots of products. Instead, wait to see if there really is a problem and then find your own solution.

2 - Does the catheter still come off? Add some adhesives!

In pharmacies, it is possible to find films to add on top of the stickers that tend to come off (Tegaderm, IV3000, Hypafixe, Mefix, etc.) You will also find on several websites, tons of stickers, each one more beautiful than the other and perfect for children (and adults too)! Here are some sites I personally like, but there are many others (,,,,,, You can watch the prices on these sites, the discounts can be really interesting at certain times of the year! It is also possible to use solutions to be applied before the installation of the catheter, the sensor or under the beautiful adhesives that you have chosen! Skin Prep, Skin Tac, Mastisol ou Cavillon can help your sticker fit better on your skin!

3 - And for the changes, some precautions to take off the whole thing

When your child has a sticker on his skin, it is always a headache to unstick what you finally managed to keep in place! Simple solutions like removing the stickers after a bath or soaking them in baby oil for a few minutes before taking them off can prevent a lot of crying in little ones. If you are still having trouble, you may want to get: Détachol, Remove, TacAway that help melt the glue! Remember, however, that it is important to thoroughly clean the skin with soap and water afterwards, because they are quite strong products that can be irritating to the skin.

4 - Do you notice any problems with the skin?

If you notice scars or skin reactions, do not hesitate to contact your healthcare team or the nurse advisors of the pump or sensor companies you use. They will be able to give you the best recommendations to overcome these inconveniences.

Some items that will be mentioned in this section require a prescription or advice for use. Do not hesitate to raise the subject with your care team.

Enjoy your summer !

Par Andréane Vanasse
Alias Milimole au Camp Carowanis
Infirmière en chef