Type 1 diabetes - day-to-day management


Qu'est ce que
l'acidocétose ?

Ketoacidosis is an accumulation of ketone bodies in the blood. It is a critical condition that requires emergency treatment. It occurs when a diabetic has neither received nor produced insulin for an excessive period of time. Before being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, a child might be rushed to the hospital because of ketoacidosis. Symptoms might also appear before the child’s condition reaches this point.

When the body lacks insulin, sugar (carbohydrates) in the body cannot be transformed and accumulates in the blood. In this case, the body will try to eliminate excess sugar through the urine – therefore traces of sugar will be found in the urine. At this point, the child’s condition is referred to as “having ketones”. If the blood sugar level is not restored within a few days and there is still no presence of insulin, the child develops ketoacidosis, which in some cases can be deadly.

This can, without treatment, cause death.

Ketoacidosis is a critical condition that requires emergency consultation