Type 1 diabetes - day-to-day management

Types of insulin and use

What are the types of insulin and its use?

Insulin is a crucial element in the management of diabetes since it helps control blood sugar levels throughout the day as well as at night. Food, stress, emotions are just some of the factors that can affect blood sugar, which will lead to the need to administer insulin to stabilize it. There are many types of insulin that can be used in different ways.

Here are some guides to help you:

There are different types of insulin that are combined and administered according to each child’s personal treatment. The names of insulin types may vary from one pharmaceutical company to another, but their action times remain similar.
Once a child is diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, one possible treatment is insulin administration by injection, using a needle or an insulin pen.
Before treatment with an insulin pump is initiated, a child or an adult diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes will first receive insulin injections. Once the treating physician determines that the parents (and/or child, depending on age) have sufficiently understood the disease and are ready to transfer to the pump, the physician will help them learn more about the different models available. After they have assessed the pros and the cons of each model, they are ready to make an informed decision.

Types of insulin and use