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Changing schools because of diabetes

Should I change my child of school?

Legally, schools must provide reasonable accommodation for children with special needs, including students with diabetes.

Along with the right to education, schools must minimize barriers that prevent children from having the best possible learning experience. However, it is on a voluntary basis that school staff administer insulin or supervise the child when testing blood glucose levels.

Parents must, however, be reachable at all times.
Some schools will not take over a child’s diabetes care and suggest that you send him or her to another school that is better prepared or already has other cases of diabetes. However, if the child must be moved to a school outside his or her neighbourhood because of diabetes, it is important to know that the costs related to the move are reimbursable since the move is directly related to the child’s health.

In fact, for the majority of school boards, it is stated in the regulation that transportation service is free in the morning and in the evening for :

  • A student presenting a temporary health problem or having a chronic illness, upon presentation of a medical certificate specifying the type of disability, the diagnosis and the duration of the disability. The principal must complete the Health-Related Transportation form and the request must be authorized by the Department Head of the school.