A story of honour and commitment since 1974

Our history


Initial mission

Established in 1974, the Resources for Children with Diabetes Foundation (Fred)’s initial mission was to provide for the critical needs of Camp Carowanis, Quebec’s camp for diabetic children.

Honouring the commitment to accepting any diabetic child irrespective of the financial situation, the Foundation’s first Board of Directors—a group consisting of doctors and parents, were convinced of the role and importance of Carowanis in the lives of diabetic children and their families. To this day, we continue to honour this commitment and history, regardless of socio-cultural, linguistic or religious background.

Alongside children and families for 50 years.

Over the years, through recognizing the needs of children and families, the Foundation has gradually expanded its services: telephone support, training and informational activities, opportunities for parents to meet and share, awareness-building activities, gathering of pediatric diabetes health professionals and other social events.
fondation fred pour enfant

Values focused on action
and mission fulfillment


Fred believes that all families and children living with diabetes should have access to the necessary resources and support to facilitate their daily lives. Fred remains committed to helping families and children with diabetes (type 1) throughout Quebec.

Collaboration and Integrity

Fred is committed to transparency and professionalism towards partners, employees, suppliers and donors, and to earning their trust through careful management of revenues and expenses.


Our children, our families and our donors flourish because of both their passion and their achievements with Fred.


Fred demonstrates respect by being considerate and honest with employees, volunteers, families, youth with diabetes, donors, healthcare professionals, partners and suppliers.

Our mission

Fred contributes to the daily well-being of families, children and adolescents living with diabetes from type 1, everywhere in the province of Quebec, and ensures a unique experience of a specialized summer camp for young diabetics.
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fondation fred pour enfant

Fred carries out his mission through actions such as:

• Encouraging the creation of bonds (exchange meetings between parents and youth, activities)
• Informing and educating families (meetings, website, symposium)
• Promoting everyday life skills (specialized summer camp)
• Improving quality of life and diabetes management (communication, activities)

Totally dedicated
to the well-being
of children

These visionaries deserve our recognition for their dedication and determination to build a solid organization with strong ethics, totally dedicated to the well-being of Quebec children and their families who face the day-to-day challenge of type 1 diabetes.

FRED adapts
to current needs
and realities

Over the years, the constant evolution of daily care and the emergence of advanced technologies related to diabetes management, combined with conclusive study findings, have led the Foundation to constantly evolve and adjust to the current needs and realities of children with diabetes and their families.

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