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Sponsoring an activity

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You make it possible for us to raise funds

We share your desire to make a daily positive difference with diabetic youth across the province. Every year, Fred holds a number of different fundraising activities to finance its family support and summer camp programs exclusively dedicated for young people living with diabetes, for all diabetic children in Quebec.

Planned and adapted events

These planned events take place in sport-specific settings adapted for the activities and age groups of the participants, such as The Fred Race, The Classic Golf-Bike, the annual Type 1 (or 1 Type of) Generosity campaign, various Halloween fundraising options (piggy banks and QR code boxes) and custom Christmas cards. All of these fundraising activities allow Fred to accomplish its mission for these young people with T1D so that they can approach this stage of their lives with more peace of mind.

Your sponsorship will bring a smile to the faces of these children living with constant challenges.