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Student rights

What are my rights as a diabetic at school?

Right to security

When you have diabetes, you need to be able to treat your hypoglycemia or have a snack whenever you need it wherever you are. The same principle applies to blood glucose testing and insulin administration. To prevent hypoglycemia, a student needs enough time to finish his or her meal and snacks.

Right to support

At least two staff members must be trained to provide support. If hypoglycemia occurs before or during a test, you may need more time to complete the test if you have diabetes. Also, when blood sugar levels are high, you may need to go to the bathroom more often. They will have to allow it.

Right to intégration

When you have diabetes, you have the right to be included in activities (physical, extracurricular or special events). With support and planning, it is possible. This is why it is important to ensure good cooperation between the school and the family. On the other hand, frequent doctor’s appointments should not be penalized. They’re part of everyday life when you have diabetes.

When you are diabetic, you have to know that, like all students, you have rights at school. Above all, we have the right to be safe, supported and integrated.