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Diabetic traveler's guide

Holidays 101 Guide
for a T1D Damily

Here is a complete guide of vacation tips for a T1D family:

1 –  It’s beautiful, it’s hot.
We must not forget to DRINK a lot, especially under heavy heat.

2 – Are you going for a few days at the cottage?
Is insulin cool in your cooler?

3 – Summer is time for many activities.
Watch out for hypoglycemia!
Don’t forget to adapt the diet and treatment according to the efforts to be provided. Also avoid physical activity during the hottest periods of the day.

4 – The sun is banging hard for your devices too. 

Don’t forget to keep your PUMP, your GLUCOMETER ans your STIPS SAFE to avoid failures in their operation.
5 – Check, check and always recheck.
We wil never say it enough. Despite all the precautions taken, it is important to CHECK BLOOK SUGAR MORE OFTEN during the holiday period.

6 – Despite all the precautions, we are never immune to a discomfort. Have you tought about taking GLUCAGON?

Guide for the informed diabetic traveler

7 – Do you take the plane? 

Here are some essentials to check in your list:

  • Have you thought about the TIME LAG?
  • Check with your doctor dealing with insulin doses to be administered to adapt to the most harmoniously possible schedule.
  • Have you though about taking a MEDICALALERT Bracelet?
  • Did you know that when you travel by plane, it is ALLOWED AND IMPORTANT TO HAVE ALL MEDICAL SUPPLIES on yourself?
  • Have you taken a COPY OF ALL THE PRESCRIPTIONS in your luggage?

Once all these precautions are taken, it’s time to enjoy your holidays.

Have a great summer !