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Sexuality and pregnancy

Do you have questions about sex and pregnancy?

You have the right to decide whether you really want to have sex or not. Young people, in particular, should not hesitate about rejecting undesired sexual overtures. Your body is yours and other people’s bodies are theirs. Just say no if you don’t want sex. If you do have sex, make sure you have the greatest respect for your partner and know their limits.

Plan ahead

Plan ahead when it comes to sex, to prevent problems before they occur.

  • Make sure you are protected.
  • It’s rarely a good idea to get pregnant when you’re a teen. Having sex while under the influence of drugs or alcohol carries a higher risk of not being protected.

Always use condoms.
They are an excellent way to prevent STDs.

Sex is as much an issue for boys and girls it’s not just a matter of plumbing

Why is planning so important to young diabetics ?

Because unplanned teen pregnancies can pose serious risks to the mother and child, with a 300-1000% greater chance of congenital problems for the newborn.

These problems are directly due to poor control over blood sugar. The worse the control, the greater the risk. Blood sugar control should be virtually perfect during pregnancy. Such control is easier to achieve when we are particularly motivated by a planned pregnancy. And bringing a healthy baby into the world is usually a great motivation! As you approach adulthood, your doctor will help you with these issues.

Preventing pregnancy

Always use condoms. They are an excellent means of preventing STDs, but they are not an absolutely secure way of preventing a pregnancy. There is no reason why a female diabetic cannot take the pill. Discuss it with your doctor, who can prescribe the most appropriate choice or suggest an alternative. Your doctor will treat your discussion in strictest confidence.

You decide to have sex

Are you protected and fully conscious?

Now, remember that you are a diabetic:

  • Have you told your partner? Not saying could cause bigger problems over the long run. Does your partner know what to do if you have a severe hypoglycaemic episode “during the act”?
  • Think of sex as an intense workout and apply the same rules before playing soccer!
    • Check blood sugar before.
    • I have a sugar supplement nearby.
    • I’ve disconnected my pump.
    • I’ve replenished my sugar reserves with a snack.

Did you know?

Boys with poor control over their diabetes are more likely to ultimately develop an erectile disorder — one possible complication of this illness.

Blood sugar might be higher if you are having your period, because of higher hormone levels.

If you are 14 or older, any conversation you have with your doctor is confidential—as is any prescription for birth control pills.

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