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Diabetes in schools

How should I manage my diabetes at school?

Sometimes, it’s really hard to explain to others that you’re a Type 1 diabetic.

Here are a few tips:

  • You should first explain it’s not contagious and they won’t catch it.
  • You should also tell that your body doesn’t make enough insulin so you have to provide it some. You also have to watch what you’re eating.
  • When someone asks you: What is that on your arm? You should tell this is a device to monitor your blood sugar or a device to provide you with insulin during the day.
  • If someone asks you: Why can you use your cell in class? You’ll explain: I,m not using it to have fun, I’m using it to monitor my glycemia.
  • When someone asks you: What is it on your hip, a MP3? You say: No. This is an insulin pump. It provides me with insulin the whole day.
  • If someone asks you: Why do you inject yourself? You explain: I give myself a shot of insulin to be able to absorb the sugar in nutrientss. Without insulin, my body cannot do it.
  • When someone tells you: Hey you,re a diabetic, you can’t eat that. You explain: I can eat same things as you. I just need to give myself enough insulin to absorb the sugar in nutrients.