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Parent-School communication tools

What tools are needed for communication?

Every student with diabetes needs an intervention plan to monitor his or her diabetes at school. To this end, the protocol provides the necessary tools for parent-school communication. Other tools can be developed to adapt to each child’s unique situation.

The main tools are:

1 – The student’s intervention protocol
2 – personalized care plan
3 – An information sheet to post or hand out to all school staff in contact with the student with type 1 diabetes.
4 – An intervention plan to promote school success for children with type 1 diabetes.
5 – 10 things school personnel need to know about type 1 diabetes
6 – T1D information school pack

Other tools may also be required, such as the Therapeutic Nursing Protocol.¹.

On this page, you will find the school intervention protocol as well as templates inspired by the achievements of parents of diabetic students that you can customize according to your child’s needs.

¹Lafontaine, N. « Intégration scolaire réussie » (Successful school integration). Contact Parents de la Fondation pour enfants diabétiques printemps 2011 p.6-7.

Commutation tools between
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