support for parents - roles and responsibilities

School transport manager

According to the school intervention protocol for students with type 1 diabetes,

the person in charge of transportation at the school board has the responsibilities to:

  • Develop a list of children with diabetes who use school transportation
  • Provide each school carrier with a list of students with diabetes using his or her services.
  • In collaboration with the school bus company, reduce the travel time student with diabetes as much as possible.
  • Inform the school carrier that each bus driver involved can receive information during a meeting with the nurse.
  • Educate the school carrier about the importance of bus drivers having a cell phone to call for help in case of an emergency
  • Allow the student to consume food or sugar as needed.

For a complete list of roles and responsibilities, see the School-Based Intervention Protocol for Students with Type 1 Diabetes.

He or she plays a major role as well while being the only responsible adult nearby the diabetic child during transportation