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Nouveau site web

The Diabetic Children's Foundation and Camp Carowanis website is getting a makeover!

We are pleased to announce that we have worked on the redesign of our website and that it is now online!

We have mandated the marketing agency Cercle d’Or Media to help us in this beautiful project, particularly for the design, the functionalities and the management of the site.

Indeed, it seemed essential to us to improve the user experience of our members and partners so that they can benefit from clear and useful information. We also wanted a website that visually resembles us and conveys our values.

Cercle d’Or Media, a marketing agency on the North Shore of Montreal specializing in web marketing, understood our needs thanks to their expertise in graphic design, website design, geomarketing, google advertising and SEO referencing.

To improve your user experience, we have separated the presentation of the Diabetic Children’s Foundation from Camp Carowanis. You will also find all the detailed information on type 1 diabetes and documentation on various topics around diabetes in order to support families of diabetic children.

Our new website is also intended to evolve over time with a space for professionals which will soon be open. The site will also offer an English version of its various pages for better sharing of information.

Do not hesitate to come and visit it and to subscribe to our newsletter. You can also contact us for any questions or remarks, we will be happy to discuss with you.

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