Financial aid - Mingie

What is the
Mingie Grant?

The Walter Mingie Grant embodies the spirit of the Carowanis community by providing financial support to families who wish to send their children to camp for the very first time. So that all children, regardless of their financial situation, can participate in the wonderful camp programs and enjoy all the enriching experiences Carowanis has to offer.

This grant was created to honor the memory of Mr. Mingie, the first camp director at Carowanis, whose commitment to the cause, the outdoors, and the development of children through outdoor activities inspired an entire generation of campers.

This grant is a testament to Mr. Mingie’s commitment to the Carowanis community, as well as to the generosity and philanthropic spirit of all those who contributed to its creation.

How to obtain the
Mingie Grant?

The Mingie Grant is obtained by submitting an application on the Ultra camp site of Camp Carowanis. There are 7 steps to the application process.

Mr. Mingie is proud to be able to help families financially for a child’s FIRST stay

Financial aid of


Here are the different steps to take when applying for the Mingie financial aid program:

Step 1

Consult the evaluation grid to know your eligibility.*

Step 2

Create your Ultra Camp account if you have not already done so. 

Register your child/family at Camp Carowanis

Step 3

Fill out the “Financial Aid” form in the “DOCUMENTATION CENTER” section 

Step 4

The application will be completed and subsequently reviewed when:

  • The requested supporting evidence will have been uploaded to your file;
  • The minimum fee of $150 must be paid (within two weeks of your child’s registration).

Step 5

Please allow 2 weeks after submitting your complete application to receive a response. If your application is accepted, we will confirm the amount of the FRED bursary.

Step 6

If applicable, the balance of your payment will be expected by June 1st. 

Step 7

Finally, in order to receive the Mingie Bursary as a credit towards your registration at Camp Carowanis and to thank our generous donors, you must send us a testimonial by email within 2 weeks of the end of your child’s stay. Details will be sent to you.

*Please note that special family situations are considered when applying for financial aid from Mingie.